Thursday, May 1, 2014

Juried Exhibits and Awards, oh my!

I literally got so much good news coming through my email that I couldn't shorten it to 140 characters for Twitter and other various social media so I'm posting a blog about it instead.

The first email I received from Jennifer Gould who organized the Michigan League of Handweavers Biennial Exhibit this year.  All three of my pieces that I submitted were juried in by Ann Kiester.

I'm happy to say that In Progress won two awards: Complex Weavers Award and an Honorable Mention

Climbing won an Honorable Mention,

and Small Leaf Panel in Blue was accepted into the show.

This exhibit can be seen at the Holland Arts Council Gallery May 17th through June 29th.  Also, June 29th the juror will be giving a talk and handing out awards.  I would also like to add a side-note that I'm really happy that my In Progress piece was awarded, it happens to be one of my favorites.

The second really great email I got was from the Fiber 577 jurying with a list of the artists and pieces accepted into this show.  Again, all three pieces that I submitted were accepted!

They are all jewelry this year:

Fiber 577 is a weekend show running June 7th and 8th in Perrysburg, Ohio at the 577 Foundation.  Brittany and I went to the private reception last year and it was a wonderful show that was really well done.  I'm honored to be part of it again.  After this weekend show, my pieces will be moving over to Angelwood Gallery June 19th -31th in Grand Rapids, Ohio.

I was already pretty proud of myself for getting in gear and doing a bunch of "business" stuff that I have been putting off. Transferring my domain name so I'm not spending so much money on Yahoo's auto-renewal.  Bear with my if this particular domain name doesn't work while I make sure everything transfers correctly. One can still use or

I started a MailChimp account to start doing a newsletter again so look out! I even figured out how to transfer my ConstantContact list over.  Of course, you can still find out about all of my workshops and travels on my website.

As icing on the cake, I got an email from a gentleman who is looking to purchase his wife one of my bangles for Mother's Day. 

Can today get any better?! Yes, it can, my husband and I have plans to go over to the Potters Guild Sale which opens tonight.

Now, back to trying to organize all of my dates, when things are going where and getting more beading done on tendrils for my residency at Blueberry View starting May 11th!


The Schu Family said...

Very impressive, Jenny! :) I really love "Climbing." Congrats on all the great news.


Rebecca Mezoff said...

I love the In Progress piece. Because you knew I was going to ask... is it done with doubleweave pickup?

Your jewelry is gorgeous as always. Sign me up for that Mailchimp list! (or I'll do it myself when I see your opt in which I'm sure is coming any day!) :)


Jenny Schu said...

Thank you, it's really exciting.
Rebecca: Of course it double weave pick up. The front warp is black the back warp is red to fuchsia/purple. (I think you're on my MailChimp, but I'll double check. I love your updates by the way).

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