Monday, November 9, 2015

Halloween 2015

If you know me well, you know Halloween is my hands-down favorite holiday.  This is the first year throwing my party solo, at my new house.  I can actually fit everyone into my downstairs, but glad that I have 2 bathrooms for sure!  I had the garage set up for people to hang out there, but it was really too cold/windy for that, maybe next year.

Sailor Scouts!

No, I didn't make my costume this year, I was in a pinch and figured, I can use this for Cosplay at Shuto Con in March.  I went as Sailor Jupiter.  I have the wig too, but Sailor Moon was going without so, I skipped it.

Having Puppy Chow is a must.

This is from a few weeks prior to Halloween, Rob and I went as Dr, Krieger and his virtual girlfriend from the TV show Archer.  It went over very well (we got third place in the costume contest).  I did whip this costume together last-minute.  This is the first couples costume I've ever gotten to do, I had never dated anyone who wanted to do one, so it was pretty exciting.  

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fall 2015 Sets

Now that we're through Halloween, I'm re-focused on getting jewelry done for Holiday Shows and my Porkies weaving.  This set is headed off to the Lansing Art Gallery this week. I'm really pleased with the necklace which I blogged about a little while back.

Cluster Earrings $75.00

Cluster Earrings $75.00

Fall/Winter 2015 Jewelry Set

I had a hard time deciding on colors, I started bouncing around a lot, which kept this set interesting.

Leaf Bracelet $85.00

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Bangle with netting detail and earrings

Flat Loop Earrings $45

You've seen the netting detail in my large art-cuffs, but this is the first it's been integrated in a simpler bangle style.  The glass pearl accent sets this design off for me.

Bangle with Netting Detail $80

I was initially going to do some detailing in the loop of the earrings, but it was getting too tight and I started breaking beads.  I will do one in the future with bigger loops and try again.

Wreath Bracelet $70

I'm not sure how I feel about the above bracelet yet...I wanted to mix in various sized beads, and I love how it lays flat.  But it seems a bit wonky on the wrist. I'm referring to it as the wreath bracelet since it circles out.  It's soft so it still moves like fabric and is comfortable to wear.

Yes, And weaving update; Half Way

I am just about to the half way point on "Yes, And" which is in the the yellow weft, the brightest color in the middle of 9 differ...