Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Old Town Detox

I had a lovely meeting this morning with Katie over at the Lansing Arts Council.  We are planning a Social Media Seminar on getting artists to promote themselves, so look out for the upcoming invite to that.  After we met I did some wandering around Old Town since I don't get over there very often. 

I generally start by picking up a bag of popcorn over at Cravings Popcorn.  This time I got the Buffalo Cheddar flavor, yum!  It's not going to last the day in my house.  Cravings also has a fun selection of various sodas.  For flashback purposes I bought a Jones Soda, Cream Soda (I drank a lot of Jones Soda in high school).  I then walked over to the new Antique Store across the street.  Lambs Gate is in Grand Ledge and they have opened a nice little store in Old Town too!  I have been looking for old beat-up frames to do some more pieces similar to "Clambering" and haven't had any luck until today!  I found 2 frames that are smaller than the one I used for the original piece, but since I will be doing a lot more beading, they're perfect.

I went around the corner to October Moon which is worth it to just smell all of the wonderful soaps and candles.  It's a great reminder for me to walk around in there in case I have to pick up an impromptu gift.  Plus the selection of Hobo Purses in every color are wonderful!  (I'm not normally "into" purses but I love Hobo)  Then my last stop for my little jaunt was of course Grace.  She has been getting in wonderful things for the fall.   I just love how she blends her boutique with vintage.  Unfortunately that was just a functional purchase.  I saw that she carries Invisibelts which remain smooth so that it doesn't look like you're wearing a belt with a big chunky buckle.  I have regretted not having one of these in my wardrobe too many times while getting dressed so I pick one up from her today. 

Now, back to the photoshop and beadwork for me today.  Although I have the strong desire to hop into a new sculptural piece with one of my new frames, I have a necklace commission to finish that's been hanging over my head!

Sidenote: Lamb's Gate has a Facebook Fan page, CLICK HERE.  And they encouraged me to send photos of any work I do with something I purchased from them.  Apparently they send people to artists that use old antique pieces quite often.
And when in Old Town make sure to visit Absolute Gallery (awesome artwork!), Spin Street for your bike and Polka Dots for any type of lampwork bead you may need!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Have you heard about Jeanologie XX/XY Boutique?

New to East Lansing's growing collection of locally owned stores and boutiques: Jeanologie

Located on M.A.C. Avenue around the corner from Mad Eagle and Lou & Harry's. 

Michelle has asked me to make some jewelry to go with the styles that she is currently showing in her store.  This is going to be a fun side project for me.  Some things will be far more simple than what you have been seeing from me lately.  I did start to cross over to that "more simple" line by beginning to make a necklace geared toward sterling silver chain.

Here is what I dropped off to Michelle today:

I'm sorry about the lousy picture that's laid out on top of her glass case.  She also has other fun jewelry so I won't  have to be stocking her store as a full time business and have time to play with my larger beaded blob (pictures to come!). 

So now I will be adding some bling!  Look out for swavorski crystals, glass pearls and a bit more simple color arrangements.

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