Monday, October 26, 2015

Interlochen Workshop: Two Drop Peyote Class Projects

At the beginning of October I taught a workshop up at Interlochen for thier adult programming classes. This time we worked in 2-drop peyote stitch to create bracelets.

Here's my student's fantastic pieces:

I always encourage my students to start going with one color and we can switch, start talking designs and color play once getting the stitch down.  Stripes are the easiest to play with and count, but I also love the random movement shapes in the lavender and read bangle and the check design that plays out in the grey and yellow one.

I actually used the check design in the Bugle Bead variation of this stitch that I made after I taught this class.

Finishing work! 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Two Drop Peyote Stitch Variation

I was teaching two-drop peyote stitch at Interlochen at the beginning of this month.  When I get the class going on the stitch, I start talking about the various ways this stitch can be used.  I feel like every time I get going talking about this stitch, it gets my creative juices going as to how I should be using this stitch.

One of the ideas that I have always talked about is integrating bugle beads in with this stitch.  I finally decided to do so.  

The check-patterning is actually inspired by one of my students from this class.  Once she got the stitch down, she got right into playing with alternating beads.

Bugle Two-Drop Bracelet $55.00

Finishing this bracelet was a little new for me.  Due to the wide spacing of the bugle beads, I couldn't stitch in loops as I normally would. I found this gunmetal slide clasp in my supplies and figured out how to attach it.  I'm really hapy with how this turned out.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fall 2015 Layered Necklace

I feel like I've been working on this necklace for forever. I tried a few different add-ons to it, but it's so busy with color already that I needed to keep it simple.  The original necklace of this kind of design I had accent beads in, but I like being able to do wrap this one differently.

I really like this style, you can tie it after slipping it on:

Or do kind-of a braid with it too, it tends to wrap around itself while wearing it.

This necklace is $200.00.  I plan on bringing it to the Lansing Art Gallery for their upcoming Holiday Market (unless it sells before then, you can always contact me if interested).

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