Thursday, April 25, 2013

Chevron Jewelry in Black & White

I have been completely enamoured with all of the chevron pattern that has been emerging in the fashion scene this spring/summer.  Mostly I'm picking it up on Pinterest, which may be my latest social media addiction. (I know, I'm behind, but they needed a good phone app.  Twitter, I still love you most). 
I needed a simple change of pace to get back into beading bangles (I haven't made a bangle-style in a while!)  So I drew up a simple pattern and started in on this bangle on my way up north over the past weekend.

The bangle is a little wider than I had anticipated, and took longer than I thought it would, despite being just 2 colors. Oh well.  A friend pointed out that there are a lot of beads in that.  I figured 3,840 seed beads to be exact.  This bangle is 2 inches wide from point to point (the zig-zag is 1 1/2 inches wide).  The bangle is $250.00.

I've also been making some chevron earrings.  Two pairs sold at Fiber Feast, then I was at a networking event on Tuesday and 3 people who are on my Facebook/Instagram feed inquired about them also.  I finished another pair if black and white ones last night.

Yes, I can do them in pretty much any color.
The size you see here on the blog is $58.00, they're 2 5/8 inches long from the top of the earwire to the tip of the bottom of the earring.

Contact me if you want a pair, I'm happy to make them special for you.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Dark Green/Blue Lariat Set and Fiber Feast

I really loved this set of the leaf lariat necklace, cluster earrings and a leaf clasp bracelet.  So did the lovely gentleman at the Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild Fiber Feast, who purchased the necklace for his wife, and another woman who bought the bracelet before I had a chance to photograph it because i finished it the night before.

So instead of talking about this set of jewelry, I'm going to take a minute to talk about doing shows and getting to meet customers in person, face to face.  I love it.  It's a chance for me to talk about my work to people who are really interested in what I do. They ask wonderful questions, and I like talking to them.
The man who purchased the necklace for his wife was wearing a fantastic kilt, which I believe was handwoven in his family's colors (mostly lavender base, with green, brown and black plaid).  He told me that they had just recently found out that they were Scottish.  I believe he said his last name was Taylor, usually an English name.  He was so cute when he decided on the necklace, he told me that the ladies he was with suggested he buy from me because I had the best jewelry.  I hope his wife is enjoying her new necklace, I'm already missing it myself.
I don't always get to talk to my customers in-depth, and I apologize for that.  When my table or booth is really busy, you kind-of have to buzz around and make sure everyone is being helped and questions being answered.  The lady the bought the matching bracelet, just picked it up, said "I love this" to me and put it in her basket. 
I always love doing Fiber Feast with the Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild because I have a great time selling and talking to people, I get to model wonderful handmade items on the runway, and I get to work with and meet such great people.  It's a busy day and I'm wiped out when its all over, but that just means it's been a good day.
Photo by Jeanne Sarna

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Uprooted 1

Uprooted 1
Photo by Luke Anthony Photography

"Uprooted 1" is one of the pieces that was really pushing me for my movement into beaded sculpture.  I knew that I had been collecting these rosebush roots for a reason and I decided to start with one of the smaller ones of my root collection.

As I created the beaded tendrils, I positioned them on the root and allowed the piece to speak to me and develop as I worked on it.  I initially thought it would only have 2 large tendrils reaching up out of it, but the root demanded a third.  When I was near-done with the piece and adding in the bead details on the root-base I felt it had to be growing 2 smaller tendrils at the ends of the root. 

Uprooted 1

I did finally find a stopping point (I was a little scared to go overboard on this sculpture).  You can see it right now at the Grove Gallery through the end of April.

I'm very excited to announce that "Uprooted 1" was accepted to the Handweavers Guild of America's exhibit "Small Expressions 2013" which is an international juried show. Yay!  The opening reception for Small Expressions 2013 is June 1 at the Fine Line Creative Arts Center, just Northwest of Chicago.  I've changed my plans for that weekend so that I can go (and stop in for a visit to Chicago of course).

I've grown to love beading these tendrils, so I am on to working on "Uprooted 2" (I think).  I would love to have an entire grouping of these sculptures, leading up to a very large one.  I want to have plenty of practice before I start drilling into that root though.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mint Green Obsession

Pastels usually don't speak to me, but having been exposed to lots of mint green last spring/summer and seeing it out again this spring I was inspired.  I also needed something completely different from the browns and greens that I've been working with for my sculptural pieces.

Mint Green and White Leaf Clasp Bracelet  $95.00
Mint Green and White Lariat Necklace  $260.00

Mint Green Pod Earrings $60.00

Mint Green and White Cluster Earrings $85.00

 Mint Green Leaf/Pearl Earrings $55.00
I will have most of these pieces at the Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild Fiber Feast on April 13, 2013 at Washtenaw Community College.  There may or may not be tickets left for the fashion show/luncheon (See the AAFG's Website) but I'm sure you can still come for the shopping before and after.

Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools: 5 years with Danielle

5 years ago we adopted Danielle from the Capital Area Humane Society.  I had been in the cattery with a friend over the weekend and my fiance (now husband) knew that.  I thought it would be a good April Fool's to convince him that I was fed up not having an animal at home and that I was going to go pick out a cat right after getting out of work.

After some back and forth via texting and a phone call at work, he said that if I was going to get a cat, he wanted to help pick it out.

So off we went, I didn't think I would walk away that evening with a cat, but Danielle had to come home with us.  It wasn't "kitten season" and I had my eye on Danielle even when I had been there over the weekend.  When I came back in and sat down around all the cats, she was perfectly happy to jump up on my lap and claim me as her own.   We considered renaming her, but I didn't have an name in mind and I vetoed "Mr. Fluffkins" which was my husband's suggestion.  So whomever Danielle was named after that worked over at the Humane Society...the name stuck.

She is maybe the most tolerant, easy going cat I've ever met.  We got her at 2 1/2 years old so her good nature was already developed.  The only strange thing is that she's absolutely terrified of balloons.  She loves people (especially if you're allergic to her), and can dig a Halloween costume for a little while. (Her first Halloween Costume below, the lobster)

She's very excited for the weather to turn so she can go inside and outside and inside again.  Last year she gifted us with 3 shrews and an adolescent mouse (which I think survived thanks to me).  The year we had all the bats in the house, she was a fantastic notifier as she's not very quiet when running up the stairs after them and wears them out to the point where I can just pick it up and let it back outside.

Danielle naps in a near vicinity of where I'm working in the house.  Above is the "Leaf Panel in Blue" in progress.  And below she's helping me pick beads....  She really is napping.  I'm blessed to have met a cat that has not interest in knocking over beads and unraveling all of my yarn.
So Happy 5-Year April Fool's Day Danielle! The joke was on me.

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