Thursday, April 25, 2013

Chevron Jewelry in Black & White

I have been completely enamoured with all of the chevron pattern that has been emerging in the fashion scene this spring/summer.  Mostly I'm picking it up on Pinterest, which may be my latest social media addiction. (I know, I'm behind, but they needed a good phone app.  Twitter, I still love you most). 
I needed a simple change of pace to get back into beading bangles (I haven't made a bangle-style in a while!)  So I drew up a simple pattern and started in on this bangle on my way up north over the past weekend.

The bangle is a little wider than I had anticipated, and took longer than I thought it would, despite being just 2 colors. Oh well.  A friend pointed out that there are a lot of beads in that.  I figured 3,840 seed beads to be exact.  This bangle is 2 inches wide from point to point (the zig-zag is 1 1/2 inches wide).  The bangle is $250.00.

I've also been making some chevron earrings.  Two pairs sold at Fiber Feast, then I was at a networking event on Tuesday and 3 people who are on my Facebook/Instagram feed inquired about them also.  I finished another pair if black and white ones last night.

Yes, I can do them in pretty much any color.
The size you see here on the blog is $58.00, they're 2 5/8 inches long from the top of the earwire to the tip of the bottom of the earring.

Contact me if you want a pair, I'm happy to make them special for you.

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