Saturday, July 18, 2020

Vintage 70's Look Rainbow Bangle and Earrings

Something somewhere perked up my affinity for 70's looks and patterns lately.  It may have been the many eras that come up throughout Doom Patrol which we have been watching in the evenings.  I needed to get out the graph paper and make something "quick" to work on.  I was going to keep this design really simple with the detail of either side of the "rainbow" in only one place, but I decided to split it. I'm glad I did. I wore it yesterday and I think stripes most of the way around would have been a bit too boring for my taste.

I am still working on a pair of earrings that I'm happy with to compliment this bangle. The first design ended up looking too much like circles rather than a rainbow. They are really lovely on their own though.

The second pair of earrings are hitting closer to the mark, but I think I want a tiny bit of the off-white included in them. I do like creating a little asymmetrical feel to these; I think it could be even more drastic.

I'm taking a little longer to get mask orders made as I'm getting back to focusing on my usual work.  It's nice to be back to beading in the evenings and getting to the end of my large Leaf Me Alone weaving.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Yellow Long-Leaf Earrings

I've been wearing a lot of yellow the past 2 years or so.  I'm glad it's also had some staying power in the fashion world.  I recieved a mailer a few months ago with the below dress in it and I was inspired by its print from White House Black Market.

I happened to already have an earring design that I did years ago that would compliment the feel of this print, so I pulled it out along with some tubes of seed bead color ideas and started in.  The first earring I wasn't happy with (below photo lower right) and I couldn't quite pinpoint why, so I set it down for a few weeks.  I realized later that the dark brown made the earring look too fall-ish.  So I removed that color option and replaced it with silver and white to give it a brighter look. It worked.

Needless to say, I wore the finished pair the next day at work I was so pleased with them.  Sometimes the sucess is a finiahed piece but this time it feels good that I let it sit and was willing to re-do it until I got the feel that I initially wanted.  

I think I'll be keeping this pair in my persoanl stock rather than shipping it out to a gallery right away. Feel free to contact me if you're interested in them though.

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