Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Spring Leaf Earrings and Bracelet

March floorset at Talbots has been a lot of this light yellow and medium blue. I've been moving it around, planning walls and generally inspired by this color combination while I'm at work so it was the next obvous color combination for my jewely.  

I haven't got a clue where the flower shell beads came from, I just add everything to my stash and I never really thought I'd use them, but they came in handy for these earrings.  The flower bead says "feminine" to me, but the earrings are largish and they become more of a blod statement piece than soft and flowery.

Yes, you'll be able to see/purchase this set at the Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild Fiber Feast event on April 18th, 2020.  Tickets are still on sale.

Yellow!  I love that mustad yellow came in the fall and we're still getting yellow, this one lighter and more lemony.  I usually say that purple and green are my favorite colors but in the past 5 years I'm very attracted to yellow too.  Maybe because it's a happy color and I just keep getting happier over the years.

This color combination would not have happened if I wasn't staring at it all month at work.  It grew on me, and at first I was only going to make earrings but I but couldn't help putting the bracelet together too.  NBot that I've got the photos done and this blog up, I'm wearing the to work again today.

One of my favorite things about these (above) cluster earrings are the yellow faceted rectangle ston beads in them.  They were perfect for these earrings. This set of 3 clusterearrings is a good reminder as to why I keep everything I do in my bead stash.

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