Thursday, January 31, 2019

Klingon Bangle Light: Beadweaving Structures Combined Bangle

In making this latest piece I haven't come up with an official title yet.  This is one of those structures that has been floating around in my head for quite a while.  I just had to pick the colors and go for it, which I finally did.  There was a range of purples, blues and greens I was playing with and this green to blue really spoke to me.  I thought that I'd end up going to my dark gold 15/0 seed beads for the netting but I felt I should change it up.  The cream worked out very well and this piece is a spark of summer color on this -14 degree F sunny winter day.

Clark likes to "help" in the studio

This large bangle combines my smaller bangles with a netting design woven through them. The inspiration for this design...get ready for a nerd from Worf's sash on Star Trek: The Next Generation. With these color choices this bangle obviously wouldn't pass as a Klingon but I have to be honest about it's start.

I will get some better photos of this piece, but I was so excited to finish it I had to get some images up.  I am enjoying the long winter shadows in some of these photos, so for now enjoy this quick update.

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