Sunday, July 7, 2024

Weaving and Life Update

I'm close to the end of my "Yes And" weaving commission. I can see the end of the cartoon and the warp. I was on a roll weaving a little bit every day but life has thrown off my groove. By my tracking I'm weaving about every 4 or 5 days lately.  I've been to the doctor and the vet more in the past three and a half months than I ever have in my life. There's also change, joy and grief floating around our home.

I've had some medical stuff, most recently what I thought was a cold was bronchitis for like 2 months. I finally went in and my doctor got it under control (I'm so thankful we found one we like, who's helpful! and listens!)  I've always hated bugging anyone with something that will probably just go away on it's own, but this year is full of things that aren't that simple. 

On the happy end of things the universal cat distribution system moved a sweet black stray cat who's paws were torn up and bloody under our porch. He was immediately our outdoor lap cat and we started feeding him and named him. We spent much of our Seattle trip to see Madness worried about him (his paws getting infected, him having to fight the other strays) but we couldn't get an earlier vet appointment and we couldn't chance him bringing anything in the house and possibly getting our other 3 cats sick. Once he was clear to come in we kept him separated while we were at work or sleeping for a few days but it's been a pretty easy introduction into the family. Bruce is the only one who's dramatic, Morgan, Lois and Clark just look at him like "what's with all the hissing and growling."  They just thump him when he gets annoying or too aggressive. He's starting to chill out. 

On the heartbreaking end...Morgan was looking rough about 3 years ago, he's 21 this year and we found out back then that he has hyperthyroidism. So he bounced back with his pills, but then things took a turn a few weeks ago and we go an official diagnosis that he has lymphoma. He's not eating, not excited about treats, is a little wobbly on his back legs and losing weight quickly. I'm taking this harder than I thought I would and I'm realizing it's the first time in my life I've really had to deal with end of life choices for an animal I am close to. Danielle's death was abrupt and animal death on the hobby farm i grew up on was a little different. Morgan and Bryan have been together the whole time so half of Bryan's life he's had Morgan.  There's a lot of hanging out with Morgan and making sure he's still happy and comfortable. 

My anxiety about handouts and PowerPoints for my seminars at the Handweaver's Guild of America Convergence Conference has subsided as the time I have left with Morgan has taken priority.  I know what I want to talk about in my seminars, I think I have it organized in a way that makes sense, the handouts are simple and I'm printing them today. I can tweak PowerPoints on the flight to Wichita if need be, but those came together easier than I suspected they would once I got going.  So Morgan and I have watched all of Season 3 of Bridgerton together and are on to Queen Charlotte. He also enjoys laying on the cat cube in my studio while I weave so when I've had the mental space to do that, I make sure he knows that's what I'm up to. Our vet has assured us 21 is a good long life for a cat, but its still hard to watch him stop eating and laying around in odd areas. 

Lois and Clark are "helping" me pack for Convergence.  I'm looking forward to my yearly communing with my people. Teaching can feel like a lot (I don't know why, I'm fine when I get there) but being around so many creative in the fiber world is always invigorating and inspiring. Of course, when I have things I need to finish, inspiration to start new projects is extremely enticing. I have a lot in my head and on paper, I did start pinning up one idea...we'll see where that goes. 

pinning up an idea I've had for 10ish years...

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Weaving and Life Update

I'm close to the end of my "Yes And" weaving commission. I can see the end of the cartoon and the warp. I was on a roll weavin...