Thursday, February 25, 2016

Divorce Dress Bangle

In between weaving I have been taking some beading breaks.  I finally finished this bangle on Wednesday this week and am already enjoying wearing it.  The design idea, as often happens to me, came from one of my favorite dresses, aptly referred to as "The Divorce Dress."

I'm really happy with how well the smudged flower print translated into beads. I've worn it twice this week already, I think it's probably overkill to actually wear it with the dress, it's just where the inspiration came from.  I think I made this piece just for me, I can make this in any size/color, this is smaller than my the usual sizes of my bangles and it fits me nice and snug.

Divorce Dress Bangle $200.00

The background on the dress.  I love the shopping parties that Grace has and I had popped into their 2015 Spring Fling to poke around.  Honestly, the clothing styles in general hadn't been getting me very excited, but you never know.  The only interesting piece I found was this dress with a vintage-looking pattern, but the fit was hard to tell on the hanger. I normally don't go for sleeves (dress -up usually means dancing, I tend to prefer strapless), but I tried it on anyway.  

I liked the look, but wasn't sure. Plus, my closet is full of dresses, I really don't need another one.  I walk out of the dressing room and Melik makes a loud, complimentary remark.  I grin, yeah, it does look that good.  I didn't have an occasion to wear a new dress though, I'm not sure about my cash flow because I'm getting a divorce....well, duh, what am I going to wear to court for my divorce?

And so, this is my "divorce dress" it looks as good walking toward you as it does walking away.

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