Sunday, January 29, 2012

Green leaf Lariat with more details

I had started this necklace sometime around the new year, but then it had been put on the back burner and I finally finished it up so that I can put my darker green beads away!  It is 48 inches long to the tip of the leaves. 

This piece has more leaves and baubles on it than the ones I have been making.  It makes a bit more of a statement when it's worn, but still drapes nicely. 

 I found that I could drape it pulled off to the side when I wore it yesterday,  Because the beaded St. Petersburg Chain grips a little bit, it doesn't move around a whole lot.  This will be up on my website for sale soon ( or you can contact me directly. It is $250.00.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Red Cowl, Rose Cowl

I have been knitting while I work out on the elliptical machine at home and I am really enjoying knitting with Hempathy yarn and this super-soft wool that doesn't seem to bother my skin.  I had extra hempathy in red from a clothing project that is still in the works, so I made this red cowl (below) that I have been wearing a lot this holiday.  The patter on the red one has little strips of lacy leaves down sections of it.

Once that was finished, I needed a new knitting-while exercising project so I went with this purple-pink wool from Woven Art (I also got the Hempathy there), and did a full "leaf" knit pattern which gives it a lot more texture.

Both cowls are at Grove Gallery Co-op right now until I want one back....

Monday, January 16, 2012

White Leaf Lariat Necklace

In the past I have been known for using a lot of dark colors ad green bases.  As I expand my love of all colors, I am also enjoying white blends.  Initially I thought it would open me up to the bridal market, but it seems lots of people like them.

This lariat is can be seen at Grove Gallery Co-op for the time being.  

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gail's Pendant

A customer from the days when I worked at Chico's in Madison, Wisconsin contacted me over the holidays.  We're friends on Facebook and still keep up with each other through those means.  She recently took a look at what I was making these days and along with interest in one of my current bangles she wanted to purchase a pendant that was like the asymmetrical green one I made this summer. 

Nearly all of my pieces are a little bit different from each other and the pendants are never two the same.  So I put a little more purple into this one (her and I have very similar taste) and sent it to it's new home in New York state!

(Flipside of pendant: all of my leaf-pendants are reversible!)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

eTextiles: Pac Man follow-up

The Pac Man bangle that I made a while back was on the fritz and as a new year resolution I needed to make it work!  So here's the follow-up:

(Sorry about the YouTube video not having the image on it.  They didn't like the format of my video (from my camera...))

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