Sunday, January 29, 2012

Green leaf Lariat with more details

I had started this necklace sometime around the new year, but then it had been put on the back burner and I finally finished it up so that I can put my darker green beads away!  It is 48 inches long to the tip of the leaves. 

This piece has more leaves and baubles on it than the ones I have been making.  It makes a bit more of a statement when it's worn, but still drapes nicely. 

 I found that I could drape it pulled off to the side when I wore it yesterday,  Because the beaded St. Petersburg Chain grips a little bit, it doesn't move around a whole lot.  This will be up on my website for sale soon ( or you can contact me directly. It is $250.00.


Anonymous said...

schaut fantastisch aus.
looks fantastic


saperlenbine said...

die farben dazu sind gro├čartig
fabolous colours and wonderful piece.
lg sabine

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