Sunday, June 28, 2009

Official Welcome: Jenny gets online....

Welcome to my new blog!!!!
I am watching and learning from friends and favorite businesses...I need to spend some quality time with my computer and keyboard.

In the past few weeks I have re-applied myself to facebook, set up a twitter account, set up an etsy account (more to come!), and am in the process of shoppoing for a template for my website.

A little about me: I have been obsessed with yarn, needles and thread since I knew that I could put them all together. I joined the Black Sheep Weaver's Guild sometime in High School when I was going to regular meetings with my mom and eventually started selling my beadwork at their Holiday Sale. When it was time to decide where I wanted to go to college and what I wanted to do, I had an array of fabulous weaver's telling me that they wish they had gotten into Fiberarts at a younger age. That same senior year we got a new art teacher at Fenton High School who insissted I attend at least 1 portfolio day at U of M. After seeing art labs, wood shops and an entire room full of looms, I knew what I was supposed to be doing.

I graduated from the University of Michigan School of Art and Design with a BFA, and a minor in Art History from LS&A.
And so a weaver and bead artist was born.......

Feel free to look me up at, Twitter:

Neon with Muted Greens and Tan Jewelry Multi Loop Checker Earrings and Bangle

Between perusing Pinterest for current color ideas and watching the movie  Poor Things  I had the urge to play more with the neon green-yell...