Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Off to the Lansing Art Gallery!

Through my process of applying for the 2012 Individual Artist's Grant through the Arts Council of Greater Lansing, I went ahead a juried my jewelry into the Lansing Art Gallery so that I could be represented by them, and use them as an example of a space I would be using for my Community portion of the Grant.
I have finished this necklace just in time to send it with a group of pieces to the Lansing Art Gallery today!  Look for my work over there very soon!  And thank you to the Arts Council of Greater Lansing for getting me to get my butt in gear!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gail's matching cluster earrings

Gail had me create a pendant for her back at the beginning of January.  Of course, she needed matching earrings! 

This particular "cluster" focuses on the beaded leaves and purple freshwater pearls that were in the pendant.  I like that it's much more streamlined than my usual "cluster" earrings.  Must. make. more.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Light Yellow Daphne Necklace

Apparently this warm winter that we have been having is making me want to move right into summer colors.  Sometimes when I am out and beading, I'll finish a piece.  When this happens, I will take a look at whatever beads I have on me at the time and start something spontaneous.  This started with these sparkly clear 15/0 seed beads and a light yellow delica tube that was floating around in my purse.

Look out for more citrus colors coming from me soon!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Geometric Necklace

Last year or so I created a metallic looking geometric bracelet using a technique that I learned from my workshop with Huib Petersen.  It was for a small wrist and a number of people liked it, but I never really got around to making another one. 

Well Liisa loved it and bought it for a Christmas present for herself and requested that I make a necklace or pendant to match it.  Being a pretty simple geometric design, we decided that it would probably be best as a full necklace with a cluster of the hexagonal shapes that this stitch creates. 

I wasn't one hundred percent sure how it would look when it came out, but I have fallen in love with this new design.  It is yet another variation of the style of necklace that Daphne had me make back in fall 2010. 

The bracelet has all of the section of the hexagons filled with seed beads whereas the necklace we decided to only fill a few of the space so that it would keep the more delicate, open look that the unfilled spaces provided.  The 15/0 beads are a gunmetal color and the bugle beads are a rainbow of green/blue/purple with maybe a touch of brown.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Pearl Birthday Bangle

This past weekend I had the house to myself, so, beads everywhere!  I've been finishing up commission pieces, and it dawned on me, that I haven't made a piece for myself or based on one of my own outfits in a very long time.

I've got a dress that I'm planning on wearing out dancing for my 30th birthday so I decided it was time.  This really basic bangle idea has been in my head for a while, but I've had other things to be beading. 

The edge beads are a brown/purple/maroon copper matter bead depending on the light.  The center pearls are a dyed purple color and this strand has been calling to me for some time to use them together rather than just accents on my other pieces.

I had a really hard time getting a decent photo of this, so my apologies.  You'll just have to come see it in person.  Now to decide which other bangles I want to mix this up with!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Laurie's Green and Blue Lariat

This was the commission lariat necklace that I finished for Laurie.  Not as bright green as what I had initially thought, but a nice range of limes, greens and blues. 

I really love the way this chain lays when it's worn.  It flexes easily around your neck and you can tie it up for wrap it around in different ways for different lengths.

On to the next project for me!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Really Really Bright Lime Green Necklace

Laurie asked me to commission her a green lariat necklace, and wanted it to be lime green.  The color that she showed me on a whim was a really bright lime, so when I went to go pick out the 15/0 seed beads I found a really bright neon green.  I also purchased a few other greens just in case it was too bright. 

Sometimes when I'm not sure of a color, I just begin the project to see if starts to do what I want, in this case, I wanted it to tone down some.  I started the St. Petersburg chain for this piece, but it never toned down, and Laurie agreed, it was much brighter than she was thinking.  So we picked out some other beads and I'm starting in on her necklace.

I decided to take what I had started and make a variation on the Daphne Necklace for this piece.  I used sparkling clear/white accents with some freshwater pearls to offset the neon green.  Instead of the leaf I have been using in this style necklace, I created a variation of the Apache Leaf stitch.  I used this stitch a long time ago in necklaces, but recalled a variation that was up online to make a Fuchsia Flower and decided to do something along those lines. 

I think this will make a nice summery piece with how sparkly and bright it is.  I'm really grooving on the way the ball clasp catches the light.  the clasp is also great because it doesn't just push in and catch like most of the box clasps I've been using for these pieces, it hooks on to the "bead" and pushes in, so if it ever drops out on accident, it still catches.

This piece is $130.00.  It will soon be up on for sale, but if you do not see it on there, contact me as it may be sold.  I can usually make another, similar piece on commission.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Help out the Arts Council of Greater Lansing!

The Arts Council of Greater Lansing works tirelessly to promote all kinds of  art and creativity in the Lansing Area.  I love being a member of this organization and hope you'll help them out with to win $$ towards their Holiday Glitter event that they put on at the U Club. Every $5 you donate helps go toward them winning $10,000 credit for their Holiday Event.  Even if they don't win, 90% of proceeds go back to the Arts Council, so you're helping them out either way.

Voting dates are January 16 – March 16
Final Voting & Reveal Reception: March 20 | 5:30-7:30 p.m. | University Club of MSU
Thank you!
From the Arts Council:

Help the Arts Council of Greater Lansing WIN the Big BANG-quet challenge at the University Club at MSU! 25 non-profit organizations are competing for votes to receive the top prize, which is a $10,000 credit toward an event in the UClub's newly renovated dining room. Each "vote" for the Arts Council is cast with a $5 tax deductible donation to the Capital Region Community Foundation through the following web portal:

Even if we don't win the grand prize, 90% of the funds raised from each vote for the Arts Council will come back to the Arts Council to help the arts in our community. With government support dwindling for the arts, every vote counts!

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