Friday, October 8, 2010

Daphne's Necklace Design

I am currently working on a comission for a friend and trying to keep it in-price range and I wanted to do a test piece.  I'm just going to call it Daphne's design since she kind-of dreamed up how she wanted this piece to come together.

It is a take off of my Midsummer's Fairy Dream Lariat, but mostly the style of the St. Petersburg chain and the way it lays.  It's also a really comfortable beaded necklace chain to wear.  I did a little less baubles and leaves on it than the original necklace design also and I think it has turned out really nice and delicate looking.

This particular piece has a hidden hook clasp at the front-back of it, but I am going to use a box clasp on future ones because it will be far easier to put on.  I am in the process of making Daphne's and will post it when it's done!

This piece is at the Grove Gallery Co-op for the month of October.


Shaina said...

This is so beautiful, Jenny!

Jenny Schu said...

Thanks Shaina! The next ones will have really cool jeweled clasps on them :)

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