Sunday, January 14, 2018

Bracelet Commissions

If you know Liisa, you've probably noticed her wearing some of my work over the years.  She recently asked me to create two bracelets which I finally finished after the holiday insanity (and having to finish my niece's baby blanket).  I wanted to offer 2 options for the blue netting one since I had two different sized seed beads which could fit the bill.

The bracelet on the left is 15/0 beads, the one on the right is the usual size that I use, 15/0.

I haven't really played with my netting stitch in standard sized seed beads (I've always used smaller).  I've worn it a couple times and it still feels comfortable, it's a bit more stiff though and not as fabric-feeling as the smaller beads.

Liisa also has one of my St. Petersburg strand bracelets from an older color grouping and asked for one in whites and gold.  I'm going to show her this one, but the original was about half this size I think, so we'll see what she thinks.

Cheat-Warping (Tying on to old warp)

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