Thursday, May 5, 2016

Fresh pieces for Curvaceous on Friday! Deco Wing Bangle and Earrings, Bicycle Bangle

The very first Deco Wing Bangle sold the weekend after I finished it, so I decided to make a second one, with a slight variation on the colors.  I had originally wanted to make earrings to match, so  managed to get those done also.

I was looking through the colors I had pulled for the spring and I thought they would make a good variation on my Bicycle Race bangle. I usually stick to a green base color, but I seem to be using off white as a base a lot lately.

And last I made this delicate bracelet with two-drop peyote stitch and some small bugle beads:


Wendy Gross said...

Do you sell your patterns or just the finished piece?

Jenny Schu said...

I only sell my finished pieces at the moment. I also teach workshops.

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