Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Purple and Gold Hex Set for Holiday Jewelry

I've been all over the map with jewelry making, but I always seem to not have enough purple.  I suppose I'm just mixing my dark gold tiny seed beads with everything for holiday.  So here's more hexagons!

I'm having fun using bugle beads and the ones on this set are "twisted" for some added sparkle.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Holiday 2016 Blue Jewelry Set

These photos are too back-lit, but it's been a long week and I'm rolling with them. I picked up this lovely light blue when I was in Minneapolis last summer and decided I really like it with dark blue and navy.

This single strand St. Petersburg chain necklace has 2 pearls to be able to wear it at two different lenghts.  It can also be wrapped around your wrist to become a bracelet.

I was originally going to leave this bracelet with a more open, lacey look, but it wasn't looking just right, so I filled it all the way in,

Monday, October 10, 2016

Beaded Blob Earrings

It has been a few years since I've made any of my "beaded blob" earrings and I realized that I don't have any of this particular style left, which I used to wear all the time.  So this past weekend I made a pair.

They are somewhat in a style of how I do my Uprooted sculptures, I used varying sizes of seed beads and cuts to gain texture.  I have a lot of purple, brown and golds out right now for holiday jewelry I'm working on, so that's the direction these went.

Beaded Blog Earrings $75.00

Monday, October 3, 2016

New Mouse for Pain Relief

In the past year I have been spending even more time at a computer (picking up more hours at the office along with staying on top of my blog, marketing, social media, emails and applications for my artwork) and in the past few months been having some paint in my wrist and elbow.  I am aware of the many issues with my type of work from growing up around other fiber artists.  I pay attention to my gangleion cycst, and I try to always stretch to keep carpal tunnel and tendonitis away.

I must have been stretching or rubbing my right arm while standing in line at the UP Beerfest because the lady next to me inquired.  I told her about the recent shooting pain into my elbow and she told me her story.... She works at a computer and had hit a point where her tendonitis was so bad, she was wearing a sling for a still didn't help. She said that a more erginomic mouse was suggested, a vertical mouse.  So I dropped one into my Amazon wishlist while waiting in line so that i wouldn't forget what it was called.

I am at a computer at work most of the time (4 days a week), so I ordered one from Staples for the office computer.  It's been a few weeks and I have had zero pain shooting up into my elbow. My wrist is still a little sore, but that could be from all the beading. (I have 2 new show spaces for November/December, gotta get on that.)

Saturday, September 17, 2016

UP Vacation and a Revisit to the Porkies

It's been two years since I have made it back up to the Upper Peninsula, or taken a week of vacation for that matter.  this was the trip I've been needing.  It's a bit of a trek to do alone and I feel very fortunate to have been invited up to the UP Beerfest in Marquette with Isaac.

We visted the brewing site of Blackrocks Brewery 
(any beer they put lavender into is my favoite!)

Isaac and his dad.

I agree with this statement, I feel this way about my artwork.

The Cabin, handbuilt, lots of stories here.

I finally understand Saunas....I wonder if the city would notice if I built one...

Ore dock behind us walking into Beerfest.

Lansing represents! Found Lisa amongst the rain and 5,000 people

Rainbow over Marquette

Then more rain.

This is me being sad that my favorite bead store in Marquette has closed (building behind me)


Isaac cliff-jumping...maybe next year for me.

He's a bit drier by this photo.

It was an extra trek, but I really wanted to get back to the Pocupine Mountains (and Isaac had never been).  I found out that you can't book the rustic camping sites over by Dan's cabin online or over the phone, so I booked it over there to get our camping site.

The waterfall outside Dan's Cabin (the cabin I lived in for the Porkies Residency in 2014) 

Dan's Cabin

I also had to book it over to the Porkies to see my weaving hanging in the Porkies Visitor's Center

This guy is great.

Lake of the Clouds, it's the first I've seen it grey.

Ahhh, the amazing bark up here

Lake Superior Beach 

On the way home we visited Kitch-iti-kipi Spring, the boat allows you to see straight to the bottom and allll the huge fish. 

Cut River Bridge and the hike down is absolutly worth the stop.

And the sunset at Cut River

It was really hard to leave this time, Eventually I'll stay.