Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Earring Commissions

Three weeks ago my day job closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  I immdiately was nervous about Talbots reopening and money from artwork and jewelry sales just trickes in, it's not a steady flow (plus many of my art galleries that carry my work were first to close).  So I put out there on my social media that if there was anything that people were thinking about purchasing, I had the time and now would be helpful if they wanted me to make something.  I had three earring commissions come through! 

First was Ginger, she asked about purple earrings, I sent her a photo of what I had in stock.  She chose the arrow striped ones but needed them a little shorter.  So we came up with these.

Second was Sally.  I had forgotten that when I posted my tiny leaf earrings around the holidays that she had commented that she wanted a pair of red and orange ones.  I sent her these two options.  

She picked the one I liked the most. :)  And off to Utah they went!

Roxy saw Ginger's earrings and wanted a neutral pair to go with everything (gold, silver tones with black).  When she mentioned matte black with it, I was in love.  I sent her the below photo with the two earring options, the shorter like Ginger's on the left but I wanted to try it with one more color, so I made the longer ones too.  She loved the longer ones, so off those went to Ohio.

I tend to give social media a bad rap for being toxic, but this gave me hope, and I'm seeing a lot of good come out on it the past 3 weeks.  Thank you so much ladies!  (And also to Danna for purchasing a huge weight out of my garage ;) ).

In the meantime I did get another job which I'm enjoying and has a ton of benefits and is considered essential right now.  While I had the orange beads out for Sally's earrings I made a pair of orange leaf earrings to match my Home Depot apron. :)

I also started making masks this week.  But that's for the next blog post...

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Spring Leaf Earrings and Bracelet

March floorset at Talbots has been a lot of this light yellow and medium blue. I've been moving it around, planning walls and generally inspired by this color combination while I'm at work so it was the next obvous color combination for my jewely.  

I haven't got a clue where the flower shell beads came from, I just add everything to my stash and I never really thought I'd use them, but they came in handy for these earrings.  The flower bead says "feminine" to me, but the earrings are largish and they become more of a blod statement piece than soft and flowery.

Yes, you'll be able to see/purchase this set at the Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild Fiber Feast event on April 18th, 2020.  Tickets are still on sale.

Yellow!  I love that mustad yellow came in the fall and we're still getting yellow, this one lighter and more lemony.  I usually say that purple and green are my favorite colors but in the past 5 years I'm very attracted to yellow too.  Maybe because it's a happy color and I just keep getting happier over the years.

This color combination would not have happened if I wasn't staring at it all month at work.  It grew on me, and at first I was only going to make earrings but I but couldn't help putting the bracelet together too.  NBot that I've got the photos done and this blog up, I'm wearing the to work again today.

One of my favorite things about these (above) cluster earrings are the yellow faceted rectangle ston beads in them.  They were perfect for these earrings. This set of 3 clusterearrings is a good reminder as to why I keep everything I do in my bead stash.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Squared Bangle in Yellow Variation

I finished this piece a few months ago but keep forgetting to blog about it.  I keep thinking I had already because I've been wearing it a lot.  I guess I had first crested this design in 2010 with the first bangle inspired by a dress/tuinc piece that I had bought.  The blog post about that one can be found HERE

The original was a 4 pattern repeat in design but I had not repeated the colors.  This bangle (and the one I made over the holidays this past year) do repreat in color.  I like them both ways, the color repeating is easier to do and keep track of but sometimes I just have to use as meany different color beads and finishes as I possibly can.  

The original earring design for this bangle was a large square and small square with uneven edges, I decided to go a different route and just pull my basic sized eearring from the original bangle design itself and I think it is a much more successful design.  

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Playing with St. Peteresburg Chain Jewelry Ideas

I'm giving a lexture and workshop with the Weavers Guild of Kalamazoo coming up in April and May (I'm the April Meeting Speaker on 4/13/2020 and the Workshop is on 5/02/2020).  Since the workshop is on the St. Petersburg Chain Stitch I'm working on my talk circling around how I use that stitch.  

This always pushes me to think about how else could I use this stitch?  So this is a new little set I came up with thinking about that.  The earrings are 3 rows of St. Petersburg Chain stitch, the bracelet is one row on each side of my netting sittch. 

The beads aren't suite lining up how I want them to between the St. Petersburg Chain and the Netting so I'm going to give it another try soon.  I do like that the pearl and loop closure can hook anywhere along this bracelet to get the correct size if it needs to go smaller.

I used the below blue beads for some of the accents in the above pieces.  I'm so enamored with this color that I made a small pair of leaf earrings in them.  They include some glass beads that I picked up on our trip to Wisconsin last summer.

I apologize for the poor photos, I was trying to get them quick and the sun was too bright, plus I didn't take the extra time to clean all the cat hair off of all my display things so they seem a bit extra fuzzy.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Lavender Leaf Jewelry Set

I finally finished this lavender leaf jewelry set.  I think I started on the chain last fall and got distracted with something else (Halloween, Holiday shows, work....)  Thinking about it now, October through New Years is just a whirlwind and I barely remember it. Things are finally slowing down a little bit.  Enough for me to finish some jewelry and get back to my weaving loom!  Anyway, I took some quick photos of this set, the light balance isn't great, but it's a current favorite, which usually means I get to wear it a handful of times and then it sells fast.

The colors in it are really a lavender with antique-looking off white faceted seed beads that I work with a lot.  There's 1 lariat necklace, a large leaf bracelet which can be shortened at the loop at the base of the last leaf for a smaller wrist.  I usually don't make them this way, but I liked how the leaf points off of the bracelet and down your wrist (see how it's clasped below).

And two matching earring options, a small faceted leaf and a pair of my leaf cluster earrings.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Helen's Tiara

Deadlines are important for me.  I had set to work on this peacock tiara for Helen and since bead embroidery doesn't always keep my attention I kept setting it down.  It's been a year.  When she requested that I get it to her before an event she wants to wear it to in February it started living next to the couch so I would pick it up a little bit every day after work.  I got it done this week and I'm meeting her tonight so she can finish this into a tiara. 

I know Helen through the Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild which has Fashion show every year where Helen shows off her amazing vintage dance dresses at.  One year I told her if she was ever to want to part with a particular piece, to let me know.  Consequently, she did as it wasn't quite as long as she'd like.  So we have been working on a trade.  When she came to me with this idea I was excited to do it and she even had a design to work off of for the peacock feathers.  We got the size down and she gave me some vintage beads to work with.  I also used gold and silver from my stash to make it a versatile metallic piece to go with many of her outfits.

(back side detail)

I was very attracted to the amber colored vintage seed beads she gave me so I'm hoping it's not too brown-heavy.  I kept picking them out as I went along.  I'm happy to breath a sign of relief having this done early enough to give her some time with it.

I found two articles on Helen if you want to took into her more, I'm not sure she has a website (I'll ask tonight and update if so):

This is the piece that we traded for, it's just wonderful 
and I make sure I have occasion to wear it.  <3 p="">

I almost forgot that I wanted to do a weaving update too.  I'm about 8 inches along on the large Leaf Me Alone piece that I've been putting off working on for far too long!  I did a few small ones but its time to go bigger again.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Tiny Leaf Earrings

I know I keep saying that I'll be making less jewelry, but I did want to do a quick post about these tiny leaf posts I made over the holidays.  I think I finally solved my problem of getting these pieces on to posts in a manner that I am happy with which is still stitched on.  

These actually came about with the extra small delicas I was working with for The Classic Cuff Bangle.  I wanted to try making a tiny leaf for my second ear lobe piercing which I usually wear a smaller earrings in.  The above white ones worked perfect.  

So I made a few for my holiday shows to see how they did.  My customers who don't wear dangle earrings are really appreciating this new design and they have gone over quite well. I think I'll be continuing to make them in between my weaving and house projects. 

To be honest, I also was excited to have them for the below display (I tried out at Not So Silent Night).  I've been lugging around this old display that they were throwing away at Chico's when I was at the Boulder, CO store and I am happy to have a good use for it!  It's a nice little display for the dangle earrings too, but not when they're too long and really they look less messy displayed in the top of the luggage case I use (below photo to the the right).

Earring Commissions

Three weeks ago my day job closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  I immdiately was nervous about Talbots reopening and money from artwork...