Tuesday, March 3, 2015

New set: Layered Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet

I'm not quite sure where the inspiration came from on this necklace outside of the fact that I have a bunch of 15/0 seed beads pulled for the colorway I'm using for my Spring 2015 jewelry.  I love doing the St. Petersburg Chain stitch with 15/0s and I've been rolling around an idea for a layered necklace for quite a while.

Layered Necklace $220.00

I'm not totally happy with the kinking that is happening with the stitch, but as it hangs, it'll work itself out over time...or I might steam it.  It does give this piece a very different look though.

Necklace detail

I first was trying to stitch accent beads into this necklace, but I had a hard time telling how it was going to hang.  So I grabbed my dress form and it made it so much easier! 

Trying to bead without the dress form.

Ah, now that's better.

Approved stopping point via social media comments.
(Thanks everyone!)

Test run, go dancing.

So I like to wear my jewelry in a normal setting to see how it wears and holds up.  I went out to see a favorite cover band of mine (The Cheap Dates) and while I was dancing I found this necklace to be really lightweight.  It didn't threaten to jump off from around my head, but it can end up around your back (if you bounce a lot).  It didn't tangle at all (yay!) and even though it wasn't laying just flat, it had a really nice look to it still when flipped (see above).

Earrings $45.00

I made the earring set to go with the necklace, these only take me about 2 hours to make (that's quick for my beadwork!)

Layered Bracelets; Plain $70.00
With Accent Beads $80.00

I have to say, posting to Facebook and Instagram have been helpful in  some decisions on the necklace.  I didn't want to go overboard with this first one, and your comments helped me figure out it was ok to stop and say the piece was done.  I also posted the below comparison image to decide whether to keep the bracelet "plain" or add in the pearls and accent beads.  I have to say that the responses were almost 50/50, so I made one of each.

The original bracelet design I put a lobster clasp on, but I really thought the glass pearls looked better, so I swapped the first one out and did a pearl on the second one too.  The plain bracelet took me around 3 hours to finish and adding in the accents were an additional hour.  I didn't time myself on the necklace, maybe next time.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Pattern Play Bangle 3: Black, Grey, Gunmetal

Pattern Play Bangle 3 got set aside for quite a while since I ran out of a specific color on one of the peyotes stitch rounds that I was doing.  I didn't run into this specific color in any beads stores I had gone to, so I went in the "to be finished" bag.  I got my Fire Mountain Gems order in a few weeks ago and have been finishing up pieces.

Black and grey normally isn't a color range I stick to, but at the time I started this, I was feeling good about it.  I do agree, in general, that this maybe looks a little more elegant than Pattern Play 1 and a darker elegance than Pattern Play 2.

Maybe I was just hearing so much about the whole 50 Shades of Grey book/movie coming out that it was time to finish this also (no, I've not read or seen either, I'm too behind on the times).  Just so you are aware, there are far more than 50 shades of grey in beads, especially if you include different finishes.  But I digress.  I will leave this blog post with my favorite 50 Shades meme that a friend sent me this weekend.  Enjoy: 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Inspired by 2015 Bangle and Earrings Set

2015 Inspired Bangle $250.00

I have had a shift back to working on my beaded jewelry slightly more than my larger sculpture and wall hangings.  I've been really excited by some of the colors I see coming out for Spring 2015 and with the help of Pinterest I'm inspired and playing with some new color combinations. The first of my Spring 2015 grouping is a Bangle and earring set.

2015 Inspired Earring $50.00

I worked on this bangle while we were on our Arkansas road trip so I was able to really time out how long it took me to make (a question I get all the time).  This particular piece took me about 12 hours.  Factors of this timing is that I was working on this mostly while listening to the radio or talking with Zack which allows for faster beading than when I watch TV.  Also, the base of this piece being simple geometric one color helps making beading those areas easy to think about.

I had to wait to get more of the white beads to finish off the earrings, but I have been wearing these two bangles around without the earrings.


Monday, January 26, 2015

Mismatching Watercolor Earrings

"Mismatched" Flower Earrings  $65.00

I had finished a "new" bangle for my Spring 2015 color line, and as it sat on my desk one evening during a serious cleaning of the office/bead studio, a few earrings popped right out of the pattern.  So I Photoshopped the shapes out:

And came up with a "leaf pattern" which consequently looks a bit like hopps or upside down corn.

And two different versions of the flower.  At first I thought the small flower and the leaf would make a fun "mismatched" pair of earrings.  But as some comments rolled in on Facebook and Instagram, I started a second flower earring, slightly longer, to mismatch with one of the two I had already made.

In the end, I really prefer the two "mismatching" flowers together. So I'm making a match for the leaves now.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Car Meets Bicycle

In the bicycling world, car and bicycle meeting on the road usually is not a happy outcome, especially for the bike and/or rider.  It seems its a similar outcome for my beaded bike bracelet too.   My friend who is an avid biker and wears one of my "Bicycle Race" bangles religiously was almost too scared to tell me that she had taken the bangle off, put it in her lap, gotten out of her car and it fell in the road. She also didn't realize that this had happened for a while, so when she went back, the bracelet was pretty beat up.

I told her I'd like to see just how bad it is, and also how well it held up.  Glass seed beads run over by who knows how many cars I wasn't too hopeful, but I could re-use the beads when I made her a new one.

I have to say that I'm really impressed at how well it held up! Its bangle shape is still sturdy and there are a number of broken beads out, however the rest of the beads are hanging in there, almost as if nothing happened in some of its parts.

A repair like this is pretty big, and there are enough beads out that many black threads would be showing on the inside of the bangle. I usually just pop a few new beads in and push the threads to the inside but in this case I'm going to make a new one.  

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Watercolor Bangle 2015 Re-do

This pattern is a re-do because the original bangle that I made ended up too big.  I had miscounted on my graph paper when I was drafting this piece and I think I was something like 10 beads too long, which is really quite a lot.

The original pattern had a lot of interesting aspects to it, so I decided that when I got around to re-doing it, I would use various parts of the first draft.  A few weeks ago  I ran into this pattern while I was cleaning my office/bead studio and thought it would be a good match for the colors I was working with for Spring 2015.

I was really drawn to working on this piece while Zack was out of town, so I had the time to actually clock making it, which took me about 8 hours total.  This doesn't include the prep for editing the original pattern and computer-work.

I've gotten a few earring ideas going to match this piece, so look out for that blog post on it's way!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Other Blogs Mentioning Myself and/or My Artwork

Uprooted 2 (detail), Photographed by Luke Anthony Photography

On occasion while checking Google to see what comes up under my name (Jenny Schu, JennySchu etc..), I come across some gems. I really appreciate other bloggers and websites contributing comments and reactions to my work.  I often wish that when someone mentions me in a blog, they'd just shoot a link my way, however, I realize as a blogger myself, that's just a little bit extra work. So here's some links mentioning me, or even about me (programs mostly) that I want to share.

I popped up on the Lakeshore Weaver's Guild Blog from the program I presented to them in April:
Jenny Schu: Beadweaver Extraordinaire

ArgoKnot's Blog related to Convergence in Providence, RI this summer talks about "She can't See the Forest through the Trees (thank you for the wonderful compliments!):
And the Fun Continues!...

Dulcey Heller's Tumblr (this bracelet has been long-sold and Ingrid wears it, it's nice to see it popping up still):
Beautiful Plaid Beaded Bracelet from Jenny Schu

and my favorite that I stumbled across this weekend was the Buellowood Weaver & Fiber Guild's Blog:
A Visit to the Porkies for Jenny Schu - August Artist in Residence

ALSO, I was on a panel with my fiber-colleagues last night at the Ann Arbor FiberArts Guild Meeting, we were all talking about our "Fiber Journeys" and a friend of Jan Waller's talks about it on her blog:
Fraught with Meaning: 2015, Day 12