Thursday, May 12, 2016


I guess this post is going to be more of a journal entry.  It feels like life is about what you don't have yet {these days} so no one looks around to be excited by what's already there.
I'm not quite a year in my new house, when I moved in, I planted a lilac (thanks mom)  and tulip bulbs, I have a natural green thumb thanks to my mother, but I understand certain plants are like taking care of any relationship, and sometimes I don't have time for that, so I have been more than excited by spring at "All Strings Attached."

No one has cared about my yard in YEARS, I have a really old lilac in the back (yay, best flower scent ever), a big forsythia bush, Plants popping up everywhere, some leftover of a rose bush that I can bring back to life, pink peonies in the back corner, I know they're really hard and picky, I can't believe they survived,

If you let beings grow, make space, they bloom.

I don't have a lot of windows in my house, I need to remind myself I deserve flowers.  So I wandered my yard with my clippers and filled vases. I'm sure it looks weird to the neighbors as I pick out the best dandelion, throw off some branches, and prefer the shape of some specific hosta leaves.

It's been the best meditative day ever, I'm always thinking about structure, color, pattern in my artwork and nature has all of that,

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