Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gail's Pendant

A customer from the days when I worked at Chico's in Madison, Wisconsin contacted me over the holidays.  We're friends on Facebook and still keep up with each other through those means.  She recently took a look at what I was making these days and along with interest in one of my current bangles she wanted to purchase a pendant that was like the asymmetrical green one I made this summer. 

Nearly all of my pieces are a little bit different from each other and the pendants are never two the same.  So I put a little more purple into this one (her and I have very similar taste) and sent it to it's new home in New York state!

(Flipside of pendant: all of my leaf-pendants are reversible!)


gail bart said...

Thank you, Jenny - I feel like a celebrity! The pendant really shows up well and is beautiful! I was talking you up to a NY friend/ merchant yesterday. Love, gail

Jenny Schu said...

I was just about to ask you if it arrived yet! I got your check and chocolate, thank YOU Gail!

gail bart said...

Jenny, received the pendant today (1-12-12) and it's beautiful! I just love it! Hope you got my card with payment and treats! Am thinking might like a pendant in black, but not sure what, and not sure if another color should be with it and if so, what color. I love black and white, but I'm really leaning toward solid black, maybe with aw white and or black pearl accent. Any ideas?

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