Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools: 5 years with Danielle

5 years ago we adopted Danielle from the Capital Area Humane Society.  I had been in the cattery with a friend over the weekend and my fiance (now husband) knew that.  I thought it would be a good April Fool's to convince him that I was fed up not having an animal at home and that I was going to go pick out a cat right after getting out of work.

After some back and forth via texting and a phone call at work, he said that if I was going to get a cat, he wanted to help pick it out.

So off we went, I didn't think I would walk away that evening with a cat, but Danielle had to come home with us.  It wasn't "kitten season" and I had my eye on Danielle even when I had been there over the weekend.  When I came back in and sat down around all the cats, she was perfectly happy to jump up on my lap and claim me as her own.   We considered renaming her, but I didn't have an name in mind and I vetoed "Mr. Fluffkins" which was my husband's suggestion.  So whomever Danielle was named after that worked over at the Humane Society...the name stuck.

She is maybe the most tolerant, easy going cat I've ever met.  We got her at 2 1/2 years old so her good nature was already developed.  The only strange thing is that she's absolutely terrified of balloons.  She loves people (especially if you're allergic to her), and can dig a Halloween costume for a little while. (Her first Halloween Costume below, the lobster)

She's very excited for the weather to turn so she can go inside and outside and inside again.  Last year she gifted us with 3 shrews and an adolescent mouse (which I think survived thanks to me).  The year we had all the bats in the house, she was a fantastic notifier as she's not very quiet when running up the stairs after them and wears them out to the point where I can just pick it up and let it back outside.

Danielle naps in a near vicinity of where I'm working in the house.  Above is the "Leaf Panel in Blue" in progress.  And below she's helping me pick beads....  She really is napping.  I'm blessed to have met a cat that has not interest in knocking over beads and unraveling all of my yarn.
So Happy 5-Year April Fool's Day Danielle! The joke was on me.

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