Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Uprooted 1

Uprooted 1
Photo by Luke Anthony Photography

"Uprooted 1" is one of the pieces that was really pushing me for my movement into beaded sculpture.  I knew that I had been collecting these rosebush roots for a reason and I decided to start with one of the smaller ones of my root collection.

As I created the beaded tendrils, I positioned them on the root and allowed the piece to speak to me and develop as I worked on it.  I initially thought it would only have 2 large tendrils reaching up out of it, but the root demanded a third.  When I was near-done with the piece and adding in the bead details on the root-base I felt it had to be growing 2 smaller tendrils at the ends of the root. 

Uprooted 1

I did finally find a stopping point (I was a little scared to go overboard on this sculpture).  You can see it right now at the Grove Gallery through the end of April.

I'm very excited to announce that "Uprooted 1" was accepted to the Handweavers Guild of America's exhibit "Small Expressions 2013" which is an international juried show. Yay!  The opening reception for Small Expressions 2013 is June 1 at the Fine Line Creative Arts Center, just Northwest of Chicago.  I've changed my plans for that weekend so that I can go (and stop in for a visit to Chicago of course).

I've grown to love beading these tendrils, so I am on to working on "Uprooted 2" (I think).  I would love to have an entire grouping of these sculptures, leading up to a very large one.  I want to have plenty of practice before I start drilling into that root though.

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Rebecca Mezoff said...

Awesome! I just saw the announcement for Small Expressions with your name in it and then saw this post. Congratulations! This pieces looks amazing. I wish I could see it in person... Hmm. I should look at the venues. Maybe I can!

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