Thursday, March 28, 2013

"Climbing" small beaded wall sculpture

"Climbing" is the small version of that which I would like to create of a much larger scale.  I started in on the beaded "tree" portion of this piece and was lucky enough to find the perfect frame at Lamb's Gate Antiques in Old Town.

The big focus with this piece was beading the small individual sculptures and then stitching them together.  I'm excited that they really worked well with each other.  Almost as though I had planned it out.  However, you have to understand that I prefer to work conceptually and fingers crossed - hope it looks as attractive as I was hoping in my head. 

Often I'll finish a piece and it has to grow on me, but I'm happy to say that I fell in love with "Climbing" immediately.  Now, back to beading more sculptures!!!

It is available to see in person right now at Grove Gallery in East Lansing, MI.  The exhibit will be up until April 30, 2013.

This activity is made possible in part by a grant from the
Arts Council of Greater Lansing

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