Thursday, January 9, 2014

Gypsy Leaf Bracelet and Earrings

Recently I had the unfortunate task of having to shop for a new car. I had hoped that the Blue Mongoose (my Ford Focus Wagon) would hold out another year or so, but we were going to the repair shop with more and more frequency.  So, car shopping I went and after much debate, I really fell for the Ford Explorer in the color Ginger ale Metallic.  I found one in our price range, and I now have a 2012 Ford Explorer named Gypsy.

I was really into this particular color once I found this car. I also happened to buy two tubes of beads in this color when we were in Naples Florida on our most recent road trip.  So I decided that the color scheme for the large leaf bracelet that I had been thinking of making would match Gypsy, the new ride.

I made a pair of earrings first, which have a black vintage bead as its accent and then went on to making leaves for the bracelet.

I had imagined this bracelet clasping together in a different manner, but I tend to let my pieces take their own shape.  As this bracelet came together I really loved how the leaves fanned out at one end.

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