Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Red Jewelry for Valentine's at Lansing Art Gallery

So I had a big long blog post about this set, and then I lost it trying to edit out something in the code. Lesson learned, Jenny can't play with code.

I did get this little red and gold set finished for the Lansing Art Gallery so they have red for Valentine's Day.  I very rarely wear true-red myself, and to be honest, this was a push for me to get inspired by red.  Usually if you ask me to make something red, you'll get more of a cranberry or wine color. 

I decided to mix this with dark gold tones for a softer feel.  The only other color I can think to put with red at the moment is black.  Sometimes black and red are a bit too abrasive for me.

So back to my focus in finishing some pieces for photographing and exhibiting.  Which, I'm stitching a lot of red that was missing from my Halloween costume.

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