Monday, January 6, 2014

Weaving during the Holidays

I took some time over this holiday to finally wind this warp on to my loom.  It has been threaded since August but I just haven't gotten to getting the darn thing on.  I had originally planned out this yardage for potential fabric for the Mary Sue Fenner Jacket workshop that I took at Michigan League of Handweavers Conference this summer.  I just never quite got to finishing it, partially because I was stuck dyeing extra black weft and ran out.  So it sat, partially threaded on my loom.

The warp on this fabric is leftover rayon from my days at the University of Michigan Art School.  I was always playing with dyes and colors so I had a ton of balls of rayon that I've been lugging around from apartment to apartment and now to home.  I figured it's make a nice striped blend with black and I could make some room in my yarn stash.

Actually, just weaving off fabric has been somewhat relaxing.  I have a difficult time during the holidays, mainly because of the complete lack of structure in my schedule and having to pack up and keep moving. I haven't touched my beadwork.  We've been getting our master bedroom and closet built/painted/carpeting pulled and windows stripped and repainted.  It's left little time for creativity and entry applications.

For now, being able to throw a couple shots of weft here and there as I walk in and out of my loom room gives me a little peace, a little bit of structure in my life until schedules get back to normal.  I thought that this was the week to be back on-schedule, but due to "Snowpocalypse" I can't get to the office, my husband is home and I'm sorting out a to-do list. Which includes building a snow fort.


Barb Butler said...

This looks like it would be perfect for Mary Sue's class. Looking forward to seeing the completed yardage.

Jenny Schu said...

Barb, it would be! I'm just not sure what it will end up being now, I'll let it tell me when it's off-loom. :)

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