Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pattern Play Bangle 2: Gold and White

The original Pattern Play Bangle that I created has been visiting Tennessee for a sculpture exhibit that I entered it in to and I missed wearing it.  So I started in on another one while it's been gone.  I have been really struck by all the gold coming back into fashion.  I personally love wearing gold so on my last bead order I purchased the dark gold tiny seed beads that I've been using by the quarter kilo (rather than the 35 gram package) and I've been using them in everything.

This bangle is 4 beads larger around than my regular size (which the blue and green pattern play bangle is the "regular" size) because I wanted to be able to make it a bit longer.  I had to stop adding layers on to the first one because it wouldn't have fit further up my arm without having to wear it over my wrist on to my hand.

I also did not draft any of the patterns for this bangle.  The original has a few drafted patterns to make sure certain shapes would fit, and spirals are difficult to plan ahead for in general.  This second one I stuck to variations of stripes.  I was concerned a little that it may not be as interesting, however I think it turned out really well.  I'm already planning the next one in my head.

I just finally took these photos this morning and I thought I would hate the white background against the white on this piece.  I'm finding I really love the ethereal quality to the photos.  I think it still needs a black or grey background to show the detailing of the whole bangle, but why not have some fun with the images?  I think that Lynne Bruning also might be to blame, the photos she posts on her Facebook and website usually have a brilliant white background with all of her wonderful circuits an bobbins. Sometimes I can be visually brain-washed.  :)

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