Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Interlochen Beadweaving Classes Summer 2014

As I work on my many projects and proposals these next few months, I am also prepping to teach workshops.  The first offerings are at Interlochen's Adult Arts Programs.  They put up a lovely write-up about me here: http://college.interlochen.org/person/jenny-schu

The first of the classes offered is Saturday, May 31, 2014.  I'll be teaching St. Petersburg Chain stitch.  We will be making bracelets, but this is also the stitch that I use for my lariat necklaces and have started layering into some of my larger bangle bracelets for a different texture.  It's a $65.00 class, and you can register online here: http://college.interlochen.org/program/jewelry-bead-weaving-st-petersburg-stitch
(I'm still not happy with this image that I took for this class, I'll get a better one soon hopefully.)

The second class of the summer offerings is my Beginning Peyote Stitch bracelet on Monday, June 30, 2014.  This is a great way to start peyote stitching.  We work 2 beads at a time (instead of one bead at a time which is how I bead for the most part) which allows us to make a wide bangle in a shorter amount of time.  I also teach how to add a button/bead and loop closure which can be used in many jewelry making techniques.  It's a $65.00 class, and you can register online here: http://college.interlochen.org/program/jewelry-bead-weaving-beginning-peyote-stitch

It's not on Interlochen's Calender yet but we have a temporary date to teach the beaded leaf, which is up on my calender on www.jennyschu.com (which I just noticed the calender is having some issues that I'll need to fix!)  Keep checking back for more dates as they come up too.

I'm excited to be teaching a private class this week.  Beginner beaders are always fun, and I do enjoy smaller, by-the-hour classes.  We'll be doing the two drop peyote bracelets, it's perfect if you're just starting to learn to bead.

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