Friday, March 21, 2014

Hexagon Bracelet and Earrings in Neon Red

So I haven't been working on much jewelry, but I wanted something to match an rather bright outfit that I was wearing last night, so I threw together this bracelet and earrings.  

Hexagon Bracelet: $75.00

I have actually seen a lot of this neon red-orange color coming out for the summer styles so I guess I was probably drawn to wearing the skirt that I have of this color.  Plus with all the snow melting it seems like spring is coming this way and I'm always up for bright colors for spring.

Hexagon Earrings $45.00

I made a similar set in blue/grey/black back in November that can be seen HERE.  On this set, I left it a little more open in some of the areas between bugle beads to give it more of an airy look.

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