Saturday, April 12, 2014

In Preparation for Blueberry View Artists Retreat

I received my first artist residency for next month at the Blueberry View Artists' Retreat. I'm starting to prepare for it, thinking of what to pack for two weeks of living and creating.  My proposal for this particular residency is to be working on the Uprooted Series.

Uprooted 1

Uprooted 1 is a beaded sculpture piece that I created for my Individual Artist's Grant Exhibit.  I have been planning on creating a grouping of Uprooted pieces to be shown together and this is my opportunity to really focus on this installation piece.  I have been focusing on beading tendrils to bring with me.  Some of the larger tendrils can take up to 150 hours of beading and I want the majority of my time spent at Blueberry view to be finishing the roots and putting the actual pieces together.  I'm sure there will be points where I want a particular tendril shape, so I'll have to make it and bead it while I'm there, but the more tendrils I have done, the better.

I have 3 done and I'm working on the 4th, which is much larger than any of the other ones I've done.  I can tell that with my focus on the tendrils, I'm getting a little faster at beading them.


Catherine Tonning-Popowich said...

Very cool! Are you also making the form that you are beading on or is it a found object that just inspired you? Speaking of inspiration, what was your original inspiration for this piece if I might ask? :)


Jenny Schu said...

I'm beading around a shape I created with a lightweight foam clay. The original inspiration is from roots that my husband has been pulling out of our yard over the years..

Rebecca Mezoff said...

I think this work particularly is amazing and engaging. I can't wait to see what comes of the artists retreat.

Jenny Schu said...

Thanks Rebecca, this concept has had a lot of great feedback so I'm excited to get to explore it more. I'll be updating my blog while I'm there starting my move in on Sunday!

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