Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Geometric Stitch Bracelet and Earrings, Grey Black and Blue

Hexagon Bracelet $75.00, Hexagon Earrings $45.00
I learned this stitch (which I'm referring to it as a hexagon stitch lately) from Huib Petersen back when I took his workshop.  We were making water lily pads out of it, but I occasionally been try to think of other ways to use it.  I made a more off-set bracelet a while back, and then a necklace to match, but haven't really picked this stitch back up since.

So as I perused my bead stash, these black bugle beads grabbed my attention and I wanted to keep playing with this grey black and blue mix.  

I think it turned out brilliantly, even the photos I took look pretty cool. What do you think?

The Blue, Grey and Black inspiration piece that I talked about in this previous blog post is the painting toward the left side of this postcard:


If you're in Michigan and find yourself in Lansing during their holiday exhibition, make sure to go check out the Lansing Art Gallery's Holiday Exhibit.  I was just in there this weekend and this morning and it looks great.  The painting is in the front window now too!
Also, my next two Holiday Shows are next week! 
U-Club Holiday Show
December 5, 11:00am-2:30pm
3435 Forest Rd, Lansing, MI
Sunday, December 8, 11am-5pm
6177 Zimmer Road
Williamston, MI

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