Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Blue Grey Deco Earrings and Bangle, Free Time Goods Hat

I can be really sporadic with my color choices  I have moved on to playing with a blue, grey and black mix.  I think I'll blame the Lansing Art Gallery because their 2013 Holiday Exhibition invites have a painting in this colorway that really struck me.  I'll probably get to see the painting tonight at their holiday art exhibit opening reception. 

I first sampled this color combo in the above earrings.  The original earrings in this design I made to match the Art Deco Bangle which has gotten a lot of positive feedback.  I wanted to whip up a quicker bangle to match these earrings so I drafted a smaller, simpler design as seen above.

I also have to give a shout-out to my girl Emily out in Aspen.  I saw a hat I loved in the Free People Holiday catalog, wanted it, but when I looked at the description the pom-pom was faux fur.  I cannot stand faux fur.  So I ordered a blue and brown mutation fox fur pom and begged Em to crochet me one of her Free Time Goods slouch hats quickly.  It's getting cold here in Michigan!  Also, I already have a Free Time Goods hat that I wear all of the time, so I knew that the quality of wool that Emily uses isn't itchy.

I don't like posting tons of photos of myself, but this has been my go-to look recently.  I usually can't wear my hair down because it gets in my face, but wearing glasses more has helped that issue.  Plus I love my new winter hat.
I want to wear this set for a minute, so it will make it's debut at my next Holiday Show on December 5th at the University Club.  More information can be found on my Calendar Page on www.JennySchu.com.  Which reminds me, my website has gone though some major changes!  I love the new design, we are still working on getting more images up on it.  So go check it out when you have the chance.


Catherine Tonning-Popowich said...

Love the new color scheme! You look great and so does the hat. Very classy look! :)

Jenny Schu said...

Thanks Catherine! I'm totally in love with the new hat, and I can't seem to get off this color set. :)

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