Monday, November 4, 2013

Checker Bangle & Earrings... Onward to Holiday

Checker Bangle $55, Checker Earrings $35
Now that I have gotten through Halloween and the weekend of the University of Michigan vs Michigan State football game in my front yard, I am getting into beading and organizing for holiday shows.  This actually entails a lot of shifting my work around, filling in pieces to make a good-looking grouping, and driving to swap work.  The next 4 days is the calm before the storm.
During this calm, I wonder what I should be making, try to get organized as best as I can, and just keep my fingers moving.  The above checker set is a matte silver and black basic design that goes with about anything.  I usually like to make sparkly-glitzy things, but I've been leaning towards neutrals since I've been experiencing some anxiety about color at the moment.
On Friday I will be swapping out jewelry at the Lansing Art Gallery in the morning.  Then we have our Holiday Gala Preview Party at Grove Gallery that night.  If you'd like to come, swing by between 5:00pm and 8:00pm and say that I sent you.  The members at Grove invite a number of guest artist's to pack-out our gallery space with lots of variety and gift-ideas.  Our Gala Preview is where you can have first-dibs on the newest items!  We shall see what I decide on for these two spaces by the week's end.

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