Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Costume 2013

I have been thinking about Halloween since June at least, but it often takes me until pretty last minute to decide and make my outfit.
This year's "ah ha" moment was when I happened upon some Gustav Klimt paintings. It took me back to when Zack and I were at the Textile Museum in DC a number of years ago. The exhibition was of the fabrics that adorned Gustav Klimt's homes.

The painting that I modeled my costume after is called "Expectation."  It was quite the process deciding how to drape this dress and whether to print the design or sew the design on.  Since I draped the dress first, I decided to sew. The gold fabric I found on my shopping trips in Florida, the collar and white base I picked up at Joann's, but the rest of the fabric is from my stash and old clothes that I cut apart.
I used a gold metallic thread for the top thread so it would be a little shiny and whites/yellows/whatever I had for the bottom.  If you can't see the underside, I usually don't get too picky about it.  I had some issues with the hat/wig combo, so I stitched and pinned the hat to the wig.  There's also a black ribbon to tie at the base of my neck to help anchor the whole thing. 
I did already post about the jewelry, Klimt 1 and Klimt 2 bangles and the earrings.  I do plan on putting more details into this piece. I want more of the "evil eyes" in it to be beaded and I have some areas that are to be filled in with red seed beads.  But for now, it's wearable and I'm not going to beat myself up about finishing it proper until after the holidays.
So HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I'm a pirate for the day (all of which are "regular" clothes for me, worn in a certain fashion) and back to this costume for evening festivities.
Danielle also says "Happy Halloween"....kinda.  She's a piggy this year, but it looks a little more like she's being eaten by a pig....


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Rebecca Mezoff said...

Holy lot of work Jenny! Awesome! :) Looks like a ton of fun.

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