Friday, October 4, 2013

Happy Plaidurday!

It's Plaidurday!  Which also falls 4 days before Spinning and Weaving Week (#SandWW), October 7-13, 2013 this year.  So get out your favorite plaid-related wearable out (or all of them) and get out there to celebrate your threads.  The Celebrate Plaid write-up this year does a good run-down on all the plaid, so I had to jump in. 

Then I was thinking about "what do I have that's plaid?"  One button-up shirt. A long Scottish skirt that was my mom's (real plaid, wool, and I don't think fits any longer), a few items in my old "short skirt collection" (which definitely do not fit anymore) and then I remember I had created bangles that were plaid-inspired.  Alas, I have none on hand and no time to make one, maybe I'll have it more together next year.

I know that the fuchsia/black bangle is at Angelwood Gallery. 

"Everybody Loves Plaid" my largest plaid-themed bangle (top) is owned by Jill Ault's daughter (who's name escapes me at the moment, I'm sorry!) I made 2 other smaller plaid bangles along the way which have also been purchased.  I suppose I should make more eh?  So off I go today in my plaid!


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