Monday, October 14, 2013

What happened to my old loom?

This is a follow-up post to the excitement of having a "new" loom, which I give the background of how I got my first loom, but not where it's gone for a new life.

When I had purchased Delilah from Sue, I started thinking about what to do with my old loom.  I didn't want to keep her because I don't want two looms with basically the same function, and I don't have the room in the "loom room."

I got this loom for free, should I put it up on Craigslist for free? Should I give it to someone? Should I sell it? and for how much?

I decided that I wanted it to go to someone who would weave on it and not just take it with the idea that they would eventually get around to it/learn to weave.  This meant either selling it to a stranger, or finding someone I knew who was looking for a loom. Then I remembered my friend Amy and the brief visit to her place in Cincinnati, OH on my solo road trip last year.  She was chatting excitedly that she had claimed a room in the house she shares with Rhys to get back to her artwork.  She was in the fiber program at Eastern Michigan University back in the day, but before that we grew up together (I think we've been friends since high school, but I wonder if it's been longer?).  She had a connection to someone who was going to sell her a loom.  So I texted her and asked if she ever got that loom, and she said no, it fell though.  Then it went something like this...I think...(in my head anyway)....

Do you want mine?

What? Really? How much?

Free. You just have to promise you'll use it.

Well I'm not sure how to get it down here, but yes.

I can bring it down, it fits in my car. I've never really visited Cincinnati before anyway.

Can I pay you for gas?

No, just let us crash at your place for the weekend and we'll go out in the city.  I'll help you set up the loom and get you going.  It'll be fun.

And it was.  As large as this loom is, it fit into the back of Zack's Chevy Cruze when it's in all it's pieces.  We drove down for the weekend and got the loom set up and had a fun night out in Cincinnati, I'm looking forward to another visit already.

Photos are compliments of Amy, she's already got it warped and going.  Yay!  Pass on the weaving-karma. 

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