Friday, October 18, 2013

Halloween Bangle: Klimt 2

I have a few different pieces that I have been working on for my Halloween costume this year.  This is a little teaser because I finished this bangle last night. 
It's called "Klimt 2" because the inspiration is from a Gustav Klimt painting.  It's been fun following the color and design of another artist. It's the second of 2 bangles that I designed for this costume. The first one is close to done also.  I finished the second design first because I was stocking up on a bead order from Fire Mountain Gems and finally ordered it this week.  "Klimt 2" was already set up so it's done!!!
This piece is my "standard" size bangle and the width comes to 2.25 inches.  The green in this piece I picked up at a Florida bead shop and I'll be adding it to my regular color palette, it's a great bright opaque green.  The brown color in this is actually a matte plum.  Next to the champagne color base it looks too brown for me.  If I was to re-do this bangle I would make it a brighter purple.

Back to sewing mine and my husband's costumes.  I made a ton of headway yesterday.  This was me all day yesterday:

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