Thursday, February 16, 2012

Geometric Necklace

Last year or so I created a metallic looking geometric bracelet using a technique that I learned from my workshop with Huib Petersen.  It was for a small wrist and a number of people liked it, but I never really got around to making another one. 

Well Liisa loved it and bought it for a Christmas present for herself and requested that I make a necklace or pendant to match it.  Being a pretty simple geometric design, we decided that it would probably be best as a full necklace with a cluster of the hexagonal shapes that this stitch creates. 

I wasn't one hundred percent sure how it would look when it came out, but I have fallen in love with this new design.  It is yet another variation of the style of necklace that Daphne had me make back in fall 2010. 

The bracelet has all of the section of the hexagons filled with seed beads whereas the necklace we decided to only fill a few of the space so that it would keep the more delicate, open look that the unfilled spaces provided.  The 15/0 beads are a gunmetal color and the bugle beads are a rainbow of green/blue/purple with maybe a touch of brown.

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