Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Really Really Bright Lime Green Necklace

Laurie asked me to commission her a green lariat necklace, and wanted it to be lime green.  The color that she showed me on a whim was a really bright lime, so when I went to go pick out the 15/0 seed beads I found a really bright neon green.  I also purchased a few other greens just in case it was too bright. 

Sometimes when I'm not sure of a color, I just begin the project to see if starts to do what I want, in this case, I wanted it to tone down some.  I started the St. Petersburg chain for this piece, but it never toned down, and Laurie agreed, it was much brighter than she was thinking.  So we picked out some other beads and I'm starting in on her necklace.

I decided to take what I had started and make a variation on the Daphne Necklace for this piece.  I used sparkling clear/white accents with some freshwater pearls to offset the neon green.  Instead of the leaf I have been using in this style necklace, I created a variation of the Apache Leaf stitch.  I used this stitch a long time ago in necklaces, but recalled a variation that was up online to make a Fuchsia Flower and decided to do something along those lines. 

I think this will make a nice summery piece with how sparkly and bright it is.  I'm really grooving on the way the ball clasp catches the light.  the clasp is also great because it doesn't just push in and catch like most of the box clasps I've been using for these pieces, it hooks on to the "bead" and pushes in, so if it ever drops out on accident, it still catches.

This piece is $130.00.  It will soon be up on http://www.jennyschu.com/ for sale, but if you do not see it on there, contact me as it may be sold.  I can usually make another, similar piece on commission.

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