Monday, July 29, 2013

2013 Alumni Exhibition: Transition

 My Alma mater, the University of Michigan School of Art and Design (now re-named the Penny W. Stamps School of Art and Design, but I have a hard time switching it over in my head) puts on a fantastic exhibit every year inviting its alumni for submissions.
This year's theme was "Transition."  I felt that "In Progress" suited this idea well.  
Here's the write-up for my title card:
In Progress relates to my thought process as I am creating. I get my hands and mind set in progress, a production‐type mode, but then my ideas will spiral off and become distracted from progress. It's how I've come to work, transitioning back and forth from weaving and beading production-mode to being inspired with new ideas.

They always have this exhibit during the Ann Arbor Art Fair, so it was my first stop on my way to hat-shopping.  The exhibit is split between the Art School's Exhibition space WORK on State Street in downtown and the Slusser Gallery on North Campus at the Art School.  I feel that it's an honor to get into WORK, as it is a smaller space and has the most traffic.  I was delighted to see that  my weaving made it to WORK on the main floor toward the back.
Thank you so much to the Art School and Alumni to work so hard to put this show together.  Info on this show is on the Art School's blog is HERE.  This show is wrapping up this weekend, so if you're in Ann Arbor, make sure to stop into both spaces.

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