Monday, March 14, 2022

Joy: Spring Yard Work

Spring is around the corner and I, like lots of other people, looks forward to changing seasons. I didn't get the amount of skiing in this winter that I'd have liked to but there are reasons for that and there's always next year. 

I'm on to getting back to putzing outside.  Now that I have a nearly-completely-dry garage I'm set up in there painting a little bit every day to get the trim for the finishing of the roof done.  I also had a few huge tree branches come down this winter and I have them in a pile by my fire "pit" which is more like a chimney in the middle of my back yard.  While I'm outside I had a small fire going to burn down my heavy yard waste to then get it moved to my compost pile.  

I got another door up on my door-fence which I had also been picking away at painting on the days I wanted to be outside.  

I love burning stuff.  Whenever I poke around and see what other properties aare for sale that might be a good fit for us, I look for a big yard but I also want a fire pit. I've bagged and put out my yard waste in the past and it's such a pain. Plus, the city doesn't always get it in time; my neighbor across the street has had his sitting out all winter.  I also like that the askes help grow my compost as I use it for a lot for gardening.

I have 1/3 of an acre and I love it.  My gardens have been coming along slowly with time and patience and splitting and moving plants. The door fence is turning out really cool and I'm learning about what doors will work for it and what needs to be replaced as I go along. I put in my earbuds and spend a couple of hours out there picking up, cleaning up and getting my hands dirty.

There was an AA talk that I listened to quite a while back and the speaker talked about how we are part of the Earth and we should feel the Earth with our bare hands or feet on a regular basis. I hadn't really thought about it like that before, but I definitely need that.  When I'm feeling squirrely, I go dig around outside. 

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