Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Japan Vacation: Atami/Izu Peninsula

We were really tired after hiking Mt. Fuji but we got in a nap at a hotel in Mishima and found this great teriyaki place for dinner.

This is their attempt at writing out an english menu for us.

One of my favorite manhole covers!

Ajiro Station where our host for the Atami Red House that we booked picked us up at 
(more than a few times!)

Our only traditional guestroom we stayed in at Atami Red House.  It was a lovely spot.

Oh the slippers! The main ones had little dogs, then there were slippers for the toilet too,

Our hosts took us and another guest for a drive along the sites.  This is Ajiro's public Beach.

Atami Castle

On top of the Atami Castle is this gold fish.  :)

Atami castle allowed photos of the armor and helmets, which are just beautiful.

We couldn't read anything at the Atami Castle since it was all in Japanese, so I still have no explanation for some of the below images...

(They would carry the lords around in these little boxes)

Atami is known for its dried fish....these are all out in the open markets.

Excellent sashimi, except the cuttlefish....we decided that one wasn't for us.

Zack couldn't help but play with the fish head.

Atami Beach

Private bathhouse that our hosts had access to, hot springs inside and outside on the top story overlooking the bay.
Zack wasn't keen on ringing the bell for service.


The National Park in Ito...we took a wrong turn and had an all-day hike...

The largest wax myrtle in Japan.
Beautiful rock shore that we spent a resting time reading on.

There's a herd of kitties that live on one of the bluffs along this hike!

The second homemade delicious breakfast at Atami Redhouse.  The bread on the left actually has cream cheese, figs and raisins in the middle.  YUM!

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