Monday, June 9, 2014

St. Petersburg Chain Stitch Class: Teaching at Interlochen

I had a great time at Interlochen the first weekend of this month.  It was the first class that I taught at this facility and it has a wonderful classroom set up.  The class check in was 8:30-9:00am.  We had a little issue as to where the class was located.  Now I'll be remembering that it is the building attached to the left of the Phoenix Theater, towards the back of the campus (away from the lake).

The above photo is the sample photo I used for the class.  I encourage people to choose their own colors, but I think in the future I will offer the exact kits from the sample image.s (if possible, I do run out of bead colors sometimes!)

Here's a small photo from my phone of 4 of my 6 students. 2 of them had  leave early and come in early to let me know.  The St. Petersburg chain really is an all-day class. The stitch needs concentration and repetition to start catching on to it.  It's kind-of a beginners class, but I really liked one of the terms that was thrown out there: Confident Beginner.  Everyone is so very different as far as their background with a needle and thread, then adding beads into it.  If you've never ever done any sort of fiber technique or worked with needle and thread (even with fabric), I would say this is a novice class.  But I have had fiber-people tell me that it can be labeled as beginner.  I prefer to start any beginner beader on Peyote Stitch.  It's a great way to start with beadweaving and see if you like it.  The stitch doesn't have as many twists and turns as the St. Petersburg chain.

I am terrible at taking photos during events, so, alas, I did not get any pictures of the group together or of their finished work.  I did send out an email that they could provide me with a photo of their finished piece for my blog post.  Judy responded enthusiastically with the below image of her bracelet.  She also started a second bracelet during the class.

One of the adjustments that I want to make to teaching this class is to use 3 different colors of beads like Judy did below.  That way I think it will be less confusing as to which is the middle of the bracelet and which is the outside while we stitch it.

Judy's Bracelet

Kathy L's Bracelet

Nicole and Diane's Unfinished Bracelets

As usual, the more I teach, the more I learn about what different students needs are and I become a better teacher. Thank you so much for supporting me, my artwork, and taking my workshops.  I really enjoy teaching, it's a wonderful break from the studio!

Me next class is in two-drop peyote stitch on June 30 2014. You can register for it HERE.

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