Thursday, June 19, 2014

Yellow 3-Pod Earrings

Three-Pod Earrings $100.00

I had been wanting to play around with layering beaded pod forms for a while and here I finally get around to finishing something.  This particular idea of layering came about when I was brainstorming ways to use beaded pods together.  The class that I am teaching at the Michigan League of Handweaver's Summer Workshops has a portion where I show students how to make pods and I wanted examples of beaded pods integrated together.

I have really been into muted yellows, probably due to a new vintage hat that I picked up at the Livingston Antique Outlet (one of our favorites).  I had pulled these yellows together and made pairs of pods to start connecting.


I debated between making earrings or a bracelet for some time.  I really like the way the leaves fan out when they're connected.  So they sat on a shelf full of beads for a while until I decided they needed to be done last week.  Earrings tend to be easiest for me to wrap my head around with a new design.

An interesting tidbit about these pods, all six of them have the exact same bead count, and all three seed beads are, in theory, size 11/0.  The top pod (smallest one) are delicas, the middle pod is from a hank of seed beads I picked up at the bead store in Marquette, MI, and the larger bottom pod is from a vial of beads I bought in Seattle last spring.  Just a reminder that size count varies from each seed bead brand.  

Side View as they're being stitched together

Back View

(This is the above-mentioned hat)

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