Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Shoe Project with Shannon

Shannon is marrying my brother in law this month and I offered to help with anything that is jewelry or fiber-related.  When they were visiting us this winter she said she was having trouble finding shoes that she liked and she wanted them to have lace on them.  Well, we were already cutting the lace off of her mother's wedding dress (I know, I keep holding my breath whenever I cut), so since we have plenty of extra lace I suggested that I had a link from Pinterest about applying lace to a pair of shoes.

I had pinned this a while back because my favorite pair of patent leather platforms had a nasty tear in them, not on a seam, so they aren't really repair-able to look good, so I wanted to fix them myself. (See below photos)

Shannon and I had gone shoe shopping during the last visit, we found a pair of white Nine West shoes that were cute and comfortable.  She brought them over last Tuesday and we worked on our shoes.

(Shannon in the background pinning her lace on)

As we were cutting the lace, I figured it was much easier to pin the lace on loosely, in position, and tack it down with glue. We used Aleene's Fabric Glue.  After the glue set, we layered on the Mod Podge.  

You can see above, I stitched my tear shut.  I used my sewing machine to punch the holes, but I hand-stitched button thread through the holes I created because it was too awkward to try to stitch it in my machine.

Another major edit I applied to my shoes was nail polish.  These shoes have been through the trenches of Lansing (and Chicago, maybe some other cities), so they're pretty messed up.  I used a grey metallic-ish nail polish on the heels and to make it look consistent, on the platform part of the toe box. 

They're still not perfect, but I think I'll get another year or two of wear out of them before they're done for good.  Yes, I did try to find a replacement, but Guess isn't making this style anymore. 

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