Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Weaving "Layers 1"

Last week I went on an Internet radio show (and on Comcast's public service station) called Time Slot 2x.  I found myself bumbling through explaining how to weave fabric to Melik and Franklin Mint.  Which spurred me to make this video the very next day.

I was telling a weaver-friend about my struggle in explaining how to weave fabric, and she said she keeps it simple "it's over under over under" which is plain weave, which is simple.  I tend to think of weaving in much more complex terms (and I'm not even in a complex weavers group) so I've decided I should put some video up to show people just what us weavers do and can do.

My apologies for the lousy video, it's the first time I've taken video on this camera, I think it had a hard time focusing.


Ash said...

Hi Jenny, I've just viewed your video on weaving double cloth with pick up...wow! I'm at college trying to get to grips with just double cloth but love the technique you've shown ..difficult to follow the details though...where can I go to learn your technique, please! Regards Ash ( mature student here in England!!)

Jenny Schu said...

Hey Ash. I'm doing double weave pick-up, but I didn't really learn from any particular source other than my professor while I studied in college. I know Jennifer Moore has a book on Double Weave put out by Interweave Press. There is an earlier book put out by interweave press (cannot remember the weaver, but I recall the cover is white with black and blue on it), maybe your professor has either of these? I know the later one is hard to get hold of and sells for $800+ because it's out of print.

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