Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New Summer Floral Bangle

2013 Floral Bangle: $180.00
I bought a new dress over at Grace in Old Town a few weeks ago.  Adding to my dress collection for the weddings, showers and art openings (yay!) that are coming up this summer.  So, of course, the beautiful water-color leaves and flowers gave me fodder for a new bangle inspiration.

I had originally thought of making the bangle really wide (like 2 1/2+ inches), but decided that the design in my head would fight with the busy pattern of the dress.  There's a lot of information that I still wanted to put into this bangle, so I did not do a repeat pattern on it.  Meaning, unlike most of my bangles, it's a different image on every side.

I must have been slightly out of my mind though when I was drafting this pattern.  I was torn between things I have to get done and things that I want to make.  I decided to take the want-to-make route and make this bangle.  I somehow managed to count out the circumference of this design 20 beads too big.  I thought that it seemed large when I strung on the first row, ignored the issue, and decided not to look back after I was well into it.  I love the design, and may even pull parts of it for other bangle drafts.  It's easy enough to take out 20 rows somewhere to make it "normal" sized later.  For now, I will wear it slid up on my forearm.

I'm still thinking about making a larger version of the bangle, with a lot of white space.  It probably won't be wore along with the dress though.  Below is an image of the pattern in the dress (front middle). 


Rebecca Mezoff said...

Beautiful. Big or not, it is great.

Jenny Schu said...

Thank you Rebecca :)

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