Sunday, June 28, 2020

Evil Eye Earrings in Fuchsia and Orange

After finishing the Evil Eye Bangle and earrings in blues I started thinking about other colors and their meanings.  I found this website with some color breakdowns:

This second pair of evil eye earrings turned out quite stunning.  I'm always wary to use this metallic fuchsia color because it is not color-fast.  I figured that since this is in earring form they won't be touched and rubbed on as much so I'd try it out.  I love how it looks with the neon orange.

Based on my poking around the internet, the orange represents happiness protection and creativity/playfulness.  The pink is friendship protection, calming/contentment/relaxation.

I got on a kick and made a version of these earrings with the same colors but with the orange as the larger focal color.  I guess I could use a bright pop of color to go with masks at work lately.  I'm finding that wearing dangly earrings are easier with the masks.  They show better and I don't accidentally pop off the backing on the stud earrings when I have to remove one side of my mask to drink my coffee.  I've already lost a few backings that way.

This last photo shows the detail on the black beads.  They're faceted to add a little more interest to this design.  I'm glad to be slowing down on mask making to get back to blogging, beads and my large weaving. Updates on that coming soon I hope.

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