Thursday, April 16, 2020

Evil Eye Bangle and Earring Set

Sometime during our camping trip last summer the idea of an Evil Eye, Nazar or Mati design started rolling around in my head. I guess I've always been a little superstitious.  It can't hurt anything at least.  I keep 2 horse shoes turned up above the high traffic doorway to my house and above my studio door. I burn sage on occasion.  I suppose it's part intrigue, part hobby for me.

I started looking up a bunch of designs and meanings after a while.  I linked the Wikipedia page above. The evil eye talisman runs rampant throughout religions and history.  There are so many design options to work from, it's been fun just looking.

So I decided to pick one nice scrolling design and a simpler one with rays coming from the edges.  I drafted both of them and started with the simpler and slightly smaller design.  I'm not always sure I'll like how a design turns out. Sometimes the circles aren't quite right, or the color combination isn't quite right.  Neither of these issues came up in making this set.  I have one little blip in the design that I'm not sure anyone but me will notice.

I really like how the bangle turned out, I really LOVE how the earrings turned out.  There's something sleek about the diamond with the eye in the center floating alone.

I figured with this COVID-19 bad juju floating around some talisman jewelry pieces were in order.  I wonder what I should do next?  Probably that fancy scrolling version of the evil eye. In the meantime I'm wearing this set as much as possible.  I had to pick up more mask-making supplies from Joann's today and we grabbed carryout for our day off together and I wore them out.  Maybe I'll even shower at some point. I have sold 6 more masks in the past 2 days so I've got to get back to making those so that I have options for people.

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